Laser cutting

  • Laser cutting
    Laser cutting

Laser cutting is less lossy way of metal processing than CNC machining. In process of CNC machining, large part of metal is discarded as a waste. Despite the precision given by CNC machining sometimes it is much better solution to use laser cutting method.

In case of laser cutting, precision of various thickness metal cutting is constant, but as an effect of contact with machined material tool of CNC machine is getting dull and must be exchanged at specified time. This has a significant impact on the price of the service.

Laser cutting is great solution during mass production.

Materials that can be machined with laser cutting are:

  • Steel
    • normal steel
    • constructional steel
    • stainless steel
    • spring steel
    • heat-resistant steel
  • Aluminum

Depending on produced elements’ kinds we offer best and cheapest solutions.

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