About us

CNC-Metalworks is company that specializes in providing elements produced by CNC machining method for different  sectors of industry.

We are experienced in:

  • small and medium sized production series,
  • complete production of machine and appliances elements.

We co-operate with well-known producers in Poland and in Europe, among others with companies from such industries as:

  • automotive,
  • medical,
  • engineering,
  • printing,
  • energy,
  • food,
  • sport,
  • electronic.
  • Our mission

    Our mission is providing of highest quality services and technological solutions, increasing work effectiveness as well as offering of professional technical support.

    We are distinguished by an innovative approach to the task, what allows us to predict customers’ needs and to propose them best possible solution. We perfectly understand  that the greatest effort is worth nothing  if it does not end with goal realization. All of  activities we take with great awareness of  fact, that they will be assessed by the final result. Constant development via our objectives is being realized by creation of detailed plans and their further  consistent realization.

    Our rule is the openness and partner approach to business. We know how to use feedback from our customers. We focus on openness in all aspects of our activities. Most important parameter of our success is our customer’s satisfaction and his benefit from our cooperation. We are active and we highly value culture of mutual respect, regardless to held position or role.

    We are open to feedback and arguments. We know how to listen and we are  focused  on commitment, for the sake of good co-operation and common objectives realization. Unusual performance of CNC-Metalworks basis on deep experience, what allows us to look  at something even more than customers’ expectations and to introduce advanced solutions.

  • Corporate vision

    Our vision and guiding principle is treating our company as common good. We strive for CNC-Metalworks to be well-known all over the world as synonymous of highest standards in machining. We set ourselves ambitious goals and we are doing our best  to have them realized for the good of our customer, company and employees’.

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